Our history: organising your content


Established in 2000, Deafroots is a local charity based in Stratford that aims to celebrate

deaf culture; raise awareness about issues affecting deaf people in the UK and abroad; promote lifelong

learning and training amongst the deaf community; and help them become independent and employable.

Since 2011 we have been delivering a Big Lottery funded project providing workless deaf people with

specialist employability training, and jobsearch support, as well as Awareness Raising among Employers.

In nearly 5 years the programme has supported around 200 deaf service users, and enabled around 30

service users to move into paid work.

Key Priority 2017- 2020

eafroots has prioritised the following activities until March 2020:

Priority 1: Increased Employment Opportunities

Expand the employment support service for deaf and hard of hearing people and work with employers to improve recruitment procedures and working environments.

Priority 2: Tackle Social Isolation

Develop sustainable initiatives to tackle social isolation among deaf and hard of hearing people, with a strong focus on volunteering and community-based solutions.

Priority 3: Better Access to Public Services

Work with public service providers to increase the number of British Sign Language (BSL) trained staff and develop a social enterprise that provides BSL trained translators.

Priority 5: Financial Sustainability

Explore alternative income streams and establish mechanisms for sustainably generating unrestricted income

Content tips

Your content should focus on aspects of your history that have direct relevance to your website visitors. This could include:

  • Inspirational stories to encourage individuals or companies to support you.
  • Recognition or awards that prompt trust in your organisation.
  • Significant changes showing how you’ve grown (with the help of supporters?).

History is only relevant for your website in terms of its relationship to what you do now. Encourage website visitors to help you create more history through a call-to-action asking for their support.

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