Deaf People’s Changing Employment Experiences (2000-2010)

Reveal the unknown heritage of the impact  of the DDA 2005 on Deaf and Hard of hearing people's employment experience in East London

  • are you interested in learning about Deaf and hard of hearing people’s employment experiences?

  • do you want to be involved in researching and documenting the lives of Deaf people?

  • are you interested in sharing your findings and the stories to the wider community?

Ten community volunteers will participate and benefit from 

  • oral history training
  • video recording training 
  • archival research/archiving training

Volunteers will take part in 

  • research
  • video interview of Deaf people and their family members
  • employers/organisation supported Deaf people in accessing employment
  • archiving digital research in local archive

The project will produce

  • 30 video oral histories
  • a short video documentary on the project with subtitles
  • an exhibition
  • an e-publication

Would like to find more about the project? contact us